About Us


Who said women do not need to shave? The thing is there is no difference between a man and a woman’s razor. So, why pay the pink tax just to remove unwanted hair? At Straightface, we provide a unisex 5-blade razor for easy and effortless shaving. No need to pay 11% higher just because your razor is surrounded by a pink frame.

A Razor doesn't care what sex you are

Shaving is really simple. It is just using something sharp to remove unwanted hair. Originally, it was a sharp rock and then we started using metal and now we have these fancy razors with all sorts of gimmicks. 

The big thing about all of it is that shaving is simple and there are no differences between a Woman's razor and a Man's razor. The only thing is marketing. If you remove all of the extra stuff that house the razor blades, the razor blades are exactly the same. 

Don't pay the pink tax

The difference is that Women are marketed to differently, especially in the beauty space and Women pay the pink tax paying 11% more for the same razors. Everything is slightly more expense when marketed to Women because Women have been happy (I use that term lightly) to pay more for fundamentally the same product. 

Westpac found that Women pay more for the equivalent male razor and there are many many studies like this. 

This doesn't have to happen. Just because a razor is surrounded by a pink frame doesn't make it remove hair any better. And that, ultimately, is what you are paying for, the easy, effortless removal of hair and the amazing outcome of soft, smooth skin that is revealed. 

Women last longer

One big advantage that Women have over Men when it comes to shaving is that their hair is usually finer. This means that it does less damage to the razors and so they stay sharper for longer. Women can then buy razors less regularly and still get an awesome shave. Because its all about the sharpness of the razor that creates the great outcomes. 

Straightface offers a unisex 5-blade razor which means that it should last you way longer than the 2 or 3 blade razors you get from the supermarket at the same price.  

You have the power

You can continue to pay more for the same product or you can choose to focus on outcomes. Save that many to spend having a good time, living life, spoiling your friends, spoiling yourself, just being an awesome human being. You don't have to pay more of the same product. No one watches you shave, they just see the amazing result of it so what does it matter if its not pink. 

You are more complex, intelligent, and interesting that some marketer that thinks if I put pink on it then you will just by it. Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Amazing. 


We are trying to make sure you always have that fresh clean razor by offering a subscription service that you always have a sharp razor when you need one. In the background we are working on providing the face wash, body wash, shaving foam etc so that we can be one stop subscription service for all your shaving and razor needs. 

But good things take time and we are working on getting the razor subscription service nailed down first and then we will branch out to other products. 

Shave well, look awesome, and go make the world a better place.