About Us

Are they any good? 

Yes. Of course. It's everything you need for a fresh, clean shave.

The Handle 

5 Blade razor subscription leaning against blue blocks

Beautiful, ergonomically designed zinc alloy handle with chrome detailing.

Texturized rubber inserts to help grip and control. 

This nicely weighted handle looks almost as pretty as you. No jokes.



The Blades

5 Spring-mounted blades on a pivoting head follows the contours of your face for a close and comfortable shave. 

Dual lubricating strips before and after the blades containing aloe vera and Vitamin E, as well as special low friction coating on the blades enables a smooth, drag-free shave that leaves your face looking as smooth as a baby's bottom.

Engineered from Swedish stainless steel with a platinum-chromium alloy to stop corrosion and ensure easy cleaning.

5 Blade subscription razors laid out in diagonal pattern