About Us


Straightface provides you with an easier, simpler, and less expensive way to have a great shave. Gone are the days when you have to pay through the teeth for the best product. No need to waste your precious time and money looking for the best razor in the supermarket. Let us help you look great while you do what you love with the people who matter.

Shaving is a Simple Principle 

Shaving at its most basic and simple level is just something sharp sliding across your body to remove unwanted hair. The something sharp started out as a rock and now it has transformed through the magic of industrial scale manufacturing, into a piece of razor (forgive my pun) sharp metal created into a uniform shape with moisturizing strips connected to it. 

Its really quite straightforward but the market tries to complicate it with vibrate this, and power that, there are even heated razors now. Companies try to cram more and more razor blades into the same space making cleaning a nightmare.

The big thing about shaving is to not over-complicate things. You just need a clean sharp blade, you do a little face prep by cleaning with a scrub with some warm water and then you apply some lubricant, be it shaving foam, shaving soap, shaving oil, what ever works for you.

Bada Bing, Bada Boom - simple and easy and now you look like a legend. 

Shaving You Big Hairy Beasts

Men have unique challenges with shaving. We all have different hair thicknesses and different amount of hairs. This means that one razor might produce an amazing shave for one person and might last another person just one or two shaves before its dull. 

We have a 5-blade razor which we believes puts you into that sweet spot of having enough pieces of metal to slice through all of that unwanted solidified testosterone on your face while being able to maintain a sharp edge to keep cutting shave after shave. 

Shaving "other" parts of your body

The hair on men's faces is usually the thickest hair on their bodies. There are some exceptions where some guys have some powerful hairs growing on their chest and back. 

In general, if the razor can shave your face it can shave anywhere, but like any advice, always take it was a grain of salt as everyone's bodies, and in this case hair is different. 

If you are going to shave other parts of your body, then I recommend going boldly into the wilderness with confidence but caution. If your body part has never had a razor in that area then gently gently is the best option. Slowly glide the razor over body area in very short strokes. Keep the skin taut so that the razor has a solid smooth surface to work with. 

Venture bravely into the dark night good sir, we believe in you. 

Why Join Our Subscription Shaving Service?

We are trying to make sure you always have that fresh clean razor by offering a subscription service that you always have a sharp razor when you need one. In the background we are working on providing the face wash, body wash, shaving foam etc so that we can be one stop subscription service for all your shaving and razor needs. 

But good things take time and we are working on getting the razor subscription service nailed down first and then we will branch out to other products. 

Shave well, look awesome, and go make the world a better place.