About Us

It started in a kitchen with a Dream.

We wanted to make it easier and less expensive to have a great shave.

Imran and Luke were shooting the breeze at Luke's place in Island Bay, Wellington when the topic of razors came up. 

We both faced the same issues -  expensive blades, mistakenly buying the wrong blades, or just never having a sharp blade when we needed one. 

After asking around we found out we weren't the only ones with this problem.

We said F*&k It, and decided to do something about it.

We searched around the world for a razor that would give you a great shave and wouldn't cost you a spare kidney. 

We subjected friends, family and ourselves to the testing of many different blade options. After enduring countless cuts, razor burn and irritation, we finally found one we could be proud of!

Why waste your precious time and money looking for things at the supermarket when you can be out enjoying life and looking great while doing it?

Top Quality doesn't mean having to pay through the teeth.

The idea that paying lots of money gets you the best product has been debunked for ages. Often you are paying for some execs boat and mistresses.

We don't have fancy TV commercials, flashy packaging, so we can deliver a top quality product at nearly half the price you get in the supermarket.

Shave well, look awesome, and go make the world a better place.