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Letting go, not like in frozen, but of what is not serving you.

The Challenge

It is simple, but it's not easy. 

This is a Navy Seal's saying about leadership. The basics are very easily understood but executing on them when everything else is going on can be challenging. 

The same came be said for shaving. It is simple, but not easy.

A Good Shave

The most simple thing you can do for a great shave is to change your blades when they are no longer sharp. 

I fail at this all time the time and I have plenty of refills to use. I think oh it will be good for one more and the shave is ok, but not good. Then I don't change the blade and I think I bet I could get one more shave out of this blade. 

It's like a game of how bad can I be to my face when using a fresh blade would create less irritation, a nice shave, the shave will take less time because I don't have to go over and over an area. 

Timing Is Everything

You know you should change your blades, it's simple, but actually doing the change is not easy. It is funny the things we hold onto that don't serve us anymore. 

Moment of Gratitude

I will wear new clothes to specific things but as they get older they get into different rotations of what they are worn to. The bottom of the rung is the gym clothes. 

A friend of mine had a t-shirt company and would give me free product. It meant a lot to me. One of the t-shirts got old so I changed it to be in my gym gear rotation. 

After a little while, all gym clothes start to fall apart. This also happened to this t-shirt. There were holes it in and at the gym most people wear fancy new work out clothes and I might look more homeless than the rest. Maybe why I am not getting much attention from the ladies???

This shirt that I very much liked and meant something to me had to go but I couldn't get myself to throw it out. 

It stayed on my floor in my room for 2 weeks before I thought I needed to let it go. Yes it had emotions and history attached to it but holding onto it didn't add anything to my life, it just took up space. I had to let it go. 

And putting it in the bin wasn't easy, but walking away I felt lighter not heavier. It had done it's job and it had done it well.

Shave well, be awesome, let those things go. 



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