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Winter is setting in and to get a great shave you need the goldilocks zone. Not too hot, not too cold.

Too Hot

Having the bathroom or wherever you shave really hot can be a problem for your skin. If your skin is too hot it can be malleable and will be prone to cuts and nicks. Shaving during or immediately after a really hot shower can be a problem.

Another things to consider is the temperature that you use to rinse your blade out between shaves. If it is really hot, it has the potential to burn your fresh new skin that you have just exposed.

Also, the hotter the water that you use to rinse your blade the more it can be dulling your blades. Just like good kitchen knives, you don't want to put them in the dishwasher because the hot temperature dulls them. 

To make your blades last longer, just use a warm water to rinse your blades with.

Too Cold

When shaving, you also don't want the room too cold. In the winter, the heat of the shower can help make your bathroom into a better environment to shave in. This does have some drawbacks with your mirror getting condensation on it.

If you can, throw a heater on to help warm up the room.

When rinsing your blades, again, too cold is going to make your skin constrict and make it harder to get the whole hair.

Goldilocks Zone

The challenge is to be shaving in an environment that is not too hot, not too cold, but just right. 

Moment of Gratitude

I think people see the world as one of two ways, zero sum or win-win.

A zero sum outlook means if someone else succeeds then you can't. There is limited resources or chances and if someone else gets one then you miss out.

Win-Win is that someone else can succeed and that success doesn't inhibit your chance at success. 

Last week a friend of mine sold a business. It is very exciting. Him and his family have worked really hard for years. I remember helping clear out his first bar that he bought into. Risking tetanus moving pieces of wood with all sorts of rusty nails in them. Years later, I get to sit on his balcony and look over the beach. It is awesome to see your friends do well.

Another buddy sold a house he worked so hard renovating. I also helped him with the buddy.

It probably means I am some sort of good luck charm 😃

More accurately, you should support your friends and celebrate their successes. When they succeed, so do you. 

Shave well, Be awesome, support and celebrate your friends



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