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If I designed a perfect business, it would control every single thing from when the customer first found out about the business till the moment the customer was handed the product. 

Unfortunately, Straightface is not that perfect yet. Working on it, but still miles away.

Not my best self

I have not acted in ways that I am proud of recently. I have been super frustrated with some of the businesses Straightface pays for services. They have not been delivering on their promise and I have let them know. 

We have had over 5 months of issues that haven't been solved and I really didn't handle myself well. It could be the lockdown that has lowered my tolerance, but I didn't act in ways that I was proud of.

We use Bold for our subscription app in the background to make sure that all your subscriptions get filled on the schedule you set. It would be a nightmare if I had to actually keep track of every order. Modern technology can take lots of the work out of things like that.

However, it can have drawbacks. Bold released a v2 of the app which was meant to have all of these fancy bells and whistles to make it easier for me at Straightface but also give the customers better control when login into their account. 

This change over has taken months longer than expected and many customers couldn't log into their accounts in the process. This was very annoying but as of yesterday (fingers crossed), it should be all sorted and everyone can log in to their account and some people will see a new fancy.

Now if you want to check out your subscription you can by going to the Account page and login in and then click on the Manage Subscription link. 

Straightface Razor Subscription Log In page

Post It

Thanks for everyone's patience. We also use NZ Post to deliver all our razors and they are having a very difficult time at the moment. We have had some orders get lost and I do my best to keep a track of that. 

We send out tracking codes with all orders so you can track your parcel from there. 

If you want to get in touch with me to follow up on a late parcel, please reply to the order email or you can get in touch with NZ post directly. 

I think NZ Post might be getting annoyed at all my emails asking them what the deal is with our orders.

Moment of Gratitude

I got to socially distance with a friend yesterday for their birthday. It was nice to see people. It is so nice seeing smiling faces than just eyes above masks. 

On a side note, I smashed them at pool. By smash, I mean I had one ball left but I am not a pool player and they have a table in their garage and had been practicing this whole lockdown. 

So you take the small victories when you can. 

Shave Well, Be Awesome, try to be your higher self. 


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