Turning Up

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I am writing this from the airplane after a weekend in Queenstown for a friend’s stag do. There was some sorry walking dead this morning at the airport. It probably didn’t help that the airport was full of kids and people getting home at the end of the school holidays.

The weekend was a great success but there was one small hick up where some of the guests didn’t make it to Queenstown. Ingesting alcohol can stir up emotions and the stag was sad that some of his friends didn’t make it.

Turning Up 

I think most of life’s challenges can be solved by just turning up. You might be the least talented person in the world, but you beat everyone who doesn’t turn up.

There is a saying in photography that the best camera is the one you have. This is the same with razors. The best one is the one you have, however…. it is much better to have a sharp one rather than a blunt one. 

We made Straightface to help having the blades show up, on your schedule, when you need them. We give you all the power and control to sign in and change when they turn up, how often they come, all that fun stuff.

We hope that our subscription service has helped you have a great shave because the blade is always sharp and importantly there.

Moment of Gratitude

We all have a limited amount of time on this earth and as life happens you get pulled in lots of different directions. You get less and less time with friends and family.

It was amazing to spend a fleeting weekend with some friends from around the country that I don’t get to see as often as I would like. 

Also, one of the benefits of friends is that you get to meet their friends and make some new ones of your own.

It will be nice to see everyone at the wedding. 

Shave well, be awesome, turn up for the people in your life.



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