To Soap, or not to Soap

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Shaving requires certain tools to be done correctly. Sometimes these can be substituted without much lose of outcomes, Apparently, there is a plant that's leaf you can use to shave with, but I am not brave enough for that.  When you change the tools sometimes it ruins that outcome like removing gluten from bread, it's just not the same. 

Soap is wonderful, I am a big fan. It makes me feel clean and smell wonderful. I think people I spend time with are also really happy I use soap or a regular basis. But for shaving its terrible. I can see why the confusion happens when you lather your body up with all those soapy suds and bubbles it feels like putting shaving gel on. 

The lather that soap leaves on your skin might feel smooth but it's going to quickly clog up your razor blade and reduce its ability to cleanly cut the hairs on your body. This will mean you will need to push harder and risk the chance of cutting yourself. 

Soap is an astringent. It's a fancy word that describes chemicals that cause the skin to tighten and constrict. This causes the skin to dry out and become flaky. That's why lots of soaps now boast about having moisturisers in them. They are trying to counteract this contraction. 

You're best bet to shave is to use shaving foam or gel. Products that are designed to be lubricants while also protecting and moisturizing your skin. These come in a variety of forms. We are working on creating our own. I personally like to use a shaving brush you apply my shaving foam. It's a little fancy as you can just apply it with your hands, but I find I waste less shaving foam when I use a brush.

If you don't have any shaving foam or gel then you can use a conditioner or body oil. They both create a good lubricant barrier so that the razor can glide over your skin and they don't cause your skin to get dry or damaged. It's not ideal but sometimes you have to MacGvyer the situation. 

For a great shave, keep the soap to your body and make sure you use a lubricant that won't dry out your skin and won't damage your razor or your face. Stick to shaving gels or foams is your best bet to keep your skin in one piece and looking great. 

Shave well, Be awesome, give someone you love a hug. 


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