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Life is never about perfection, it's about progression.

Thank you all for your support of Straightface and your enjoyment of having razors come to your door. We have tried to make shaving simpler and easier for all your Kiwi's out there and foreigners that call New Zealand home. We are also working on making our processes better. 

Life is never about perfection, it's about progression. One of the enduring lessons I learnt while trying to become a professional athlete. Coaches or team mates would tell you that you are bad at something. Not a bad person. Not morally bad. Technically and functionally bad at a particular skill. They would then give you advice on what to change, what to practice, and then you went away and you worked on improving your game. 

My experience of life after sports never approached this level of care. Many people think someone being critical is the same as them being mean, which is far from the truth. People being mean is people being mean. There is a saying in basketball. Don't worry if the coach is yelling at you, worry when the coach stops yelling at you. The meaning is that while they yell, they still care about you, when they stop yelling, they have given up on you. 

In the spirit of improvement we have made a few changes here at Straightface. Firstly, which I mentioned recently, we are updating some things on the website backend that are still on going. I won't bore you with the details but hopefully it all gets resolved soon.

Secondly, we have shifted over to using a printer for the labels and so we can use any courier bags we went. The labels save heaps of time on my end, which is very exciting for me but less so for you. What I am most proud of is that we can start using full recycled bags. They are from, it's great to be able to support another NZ company and the bags that we are using are made from 100% non-virgin plastic. 

This means that they are made up of plastic that has been recycled and it also recyclable. It's a small thing but the more we can do to reduce and reuse the better it is for our beautiful country.

There is one hitch though. The process of making the new bags sometimes has a little funky odor to them. Just a little warning when you open up the bags, you might catch a whiff of something chemically. There is no cause for alarm and nothing is wrong. Just letting you know. 

Moment of Gratitude

Video technology. I had a video call with a buddy from university who lives in San Francisco this week and while I was writing this I video call with my little sister in CHCH, my auntie in Wellington, and then my big sister in Brisbane. 

It's pretty crazy that you can just talk face to face with people all around the world. A nice little treat for the moment in time that we live. Hopefully teleportation will happen at some point but this is a close second. 

Shave well, be awesome, keep putting one foot in front of the other in pursuit of progression.


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