The Sun is Coming

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I don't know about you, but I like to look my best. It is a bit egotistical but I want to put my best foot, or in this case, face forward. 

A clean shaven me I think looks better than a stubbly me so when I have something coming up I always have a shave before hand. 

I think this comes from my time as an athlete. I would shave before I played, it was one of the few pre-game rituals I had. 

Summer Time

The problem with shaving in the summer is that shaving takes off the top layer of skin revealing the fresh new skin, it is why you look so gorgeous after a shave. However, that new skin is also sensitive to the sun. 

Even though I know this I had a shave in the morning then I was out most of the day yesterday and my face this morning is paying for it. 

Throughout the day I was trying to balance getting some sun but also not getting too much. I knew that I was at risk with the fresh shave and I tried to be careful. The NZ sun is not very forgiving so I am a little tender this morning. 

Hopefully it tans up and I dodge the red bullet and then never learn a lesson, but I thought I would send out heads up to all of you to be careful out there. 

The sun is coming so make sure you protect that luscious freshly shaved skin of yours. 

Moment of Gratitude

My moment of gratitude is usually to do with seeing and spending time with people and this week is no different, 

The reason I was in the sun was catching up with a family friend that was over from Australia and then having a swim, (the water is still pretty cold) and then catching up with another friend in the afternoon.

It was great to see them and spend time with them but it was also great to be outside all day and get some sun (potentially too much sun). 

The nice weather is a lovely change from the cold blast we recently had and everyone seems in much better spirits when the weather is nice. 

Shave Well, Be Awesome, Bring on summer but protect your face. 


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