The state of shaving in 2019

Posted by Luke McMeeken-Ruscoe on

Women can do anything, and with shaving, it appears they can shave their face just like men. In these two recent articles here and here, they talk about women shaving their face in the same way a man has done. Furthermore, they shaving one's face has been a Hollywood secret for some time now. 

The revelation that women shave their face is not the key take away for me, it is that they have been doing so for so long but not being able to talk about it. It makes sense for a smoother finish, removing some unwanted hairs might be in order. This is especially true for those people who are having their faces projected on 30-foot screens.

Men in media who have to have makeup applied, shave just before going on air to have the makeup work the best, why would it be any different for women.

It's just another thing we all have in common, a little shaving goes a long way. 

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