The Shaven Deadly Sins

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Hey Team,

Shaving, from the outside, is a pretty simple exercise, but with anything, the devil is in the details. Here are my Shaven Deadly Sins that will cause you to have a bad shaving experience. 


These 3 parts are to do with everything that happens before you even think about picking up a razor. It'd worth taking a few moments to get ready before jumping into the deed. 

Unclean hands and face

This is even more important in a post-covid world but ensuring that you have washed your hands before your touch your face helps keep your face clean of dirt, dead skin, and whatever nastiness you have been touching throughout the day. 

Washing your face not only gets softens your hairs but it removes dirt, skin, and anything else that could get into the tiny micro-cuts that happen sometime in shaving. Our skin is an awesome defence against things that are trying to get inside us, so give it a helping hand by washing your hands and face first. 

Using someone else's razor

Always, Always, Always, use your own razor. Don't borrow someone's razor. Razors have all sort of biological gunk in them. They are taking off layers of dead skin, dirt, hair, maybe blood, you don't want to risk having someone else's germ warfare get onto you. 

It might be easy just to pick up your friend's razor, don't do it. It's not worth it. 

No lube

This is basically a universal law. Always have lube, be it in your car's engine, on your bike's gears, other things... Don't shave without a good shaving gel. Soap is a bad choice, it may feel smooth but it clogs up your razor and tightens your skin.

We want effortless gliding over your skin, this is your last barrier to protect that lovely skin of yours.  


Now we are getting down to the actually Main Event. 

Using blunt razors

It may be easier to just use that blade one more time, but it takes two seconds to change it out for a fresh blade, and you gain back minutes by using the blade that slides through your hairs rather than pulls at them. 

For a hassle-free shaving experience, you can't go wrong with changing your blades more often than less often. 

Against the grain

Start off with the grain. The grain is your friend. It's basically your own personal guide saying shave this way. Take advantage of your body giving you the heads up and shave with the grain. 

If, you are brave after going with the grain, then and only then, do you shave against the grain. This will get you a closer shave but will also open you up to the chance of irritation. For some people with irritable and sensitive skin, I never recommend shaving against the grain. 

Too much pressure

Be gentle with yourself. There are no prizes for being the toughest shaver. We want to look the best and have our skin be the smoothest. 

Let the weight of the handle and razor do the work. It should glide over your face. Never force it, just let it happen. 


Now that it is all over, you need to be kind and gentle to yourself for the damage you might have caused. Give yourself a nice cuddle. 

No lotion

Always use some sort of lotion, oil, moisturiser. This is a personal preference and something that might work wonders for you will be terrible for someone else. We are all unique but that doesn't mean you shouldn't use something. 

Give the area you shaved a nice little rub down and help it recover from what it went through. 

Take some time with yourself, you are worth it. 

Shave well, be awesome, go tell someone how amazing they are to you. 


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