The Right Time To Change

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Change is difficult. Sometimes change is so challenging because it conflicts with our idea of our identity. If I said I was X and now I am doing Y then I would be a liar so I can't do Y even though it is much better for me. 

Growth only happens through change, the question is when is the right time to change? These deep philosophical questions also happen about the simple at of ...

Changing Your Blade

Shaving is a funny experience. Usually, things start off the best and get worse over time the more you use them. Your mattress starts out super supportive and comfy but over the years degraded. Clothes fit really well then start to come apart. 

Razors on the other hand start of dangerous. At the start the blades are super sharp. Any mistake can cause a cut. 

Then over time the blades actually get easier to use because they are still very sharp but not ultra sharp.

Then the blades start to break down and little imperfections in the cutting edge can start to cause cuts again. 

Timing Is Everything

The quality of the cutting surface will change based on when you choose to shave. If you are like me and shave only a couple of times a week but my hair is thicker when I shave, it means I am making the blades work harder every time they cut. 

If I shaved more regularly I might get more use out of edge blade. 

I always have that one moment where the quality of the shave drops dramatically and I know I had one too many shaves with the blade. 

Usually it is when I have skin tags or little skin imperfections. When the blade is new it will slice them off and cause some bleeding. This is my fault as I should be more careful when I shave over my problem areas. 

When the blade is worn in it has lost that crazy sharpness and glides over the imperfections and everything is sunshine and rainbows.

Then when the blade breaks down it will catch some of the skin imperfections and I get annoyed at myself for trying to get that last shave out of the blades that if I was honest with myself, I knew their time was up. 

Moment of Gratitude

A quote I heard recently was- "we aren't responsible for the good luck we receive", It is not that you can't work hard and create some "luck" but sometimes things just fall your way and its not the universe showing you how moral and righteous you are, sometimes the coin just lands on heads. 

Take that luck and help share the good fortune you get. 

I am going off shortly to drop off a friends Wedding Present. Along with some friends we have got them a dozen bottles of wine. Each bottle has a note on it. 

Each note is when they can drink the bottle. 1st Anniversary. A hard day at work. After a promotion. After a fight. 

You get the idea. 

Life can be hard, and celebrating the challenges as well as the victories are really important. 

Shave Well, Be Awesome, Spread around your good luck.



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