Sun Safe while Shaving

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A clean fresh shave looks amazing on the beach or going for a hike, however, that gorgeous soft baby skin shouldn't be exposed to the harsh New Zealand sun. 

That smooth skin that you have revealed after removing that hair feels great but it is very sensitive to the environment. Its as if you have exfoliated the hell out of the top layer of skin, and if you use a bad razor you will be doing more work on your face. 

If you can shave at night. It will give your skin a few more hours to adjust and prepare itself to make you look like a legend when you are out enjoying all the New Zealand summer has to offer. 

Make sure you moisturise and keep your face or anything else you are shaving, you do you,  protected with sunscreen. Apply sunscreen after you go into the water, sea, pool, or shower. If you sweat a lot, and you know who you are, you need to apply more sunscreen because you will lose more sunscreen than someone that doesn't sweat as much. 

If you can, avoid direct sunlight, especially in the heat of the day. Morning and evenings give you a little more room for error with your skin to fight off the invasion of UV rays. If you can duck and weave your way out of the sunlight during the middle of the day you give yourself a chance to avoid doing damage to that moneymaker of yours. 

Shave well, look good, protect your skin, have an awesome summer. 



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