Summer Lovin'

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I hope everyone is having an awesome summer. The weather has had its up's and down's but when the sun does come out it packs a hell of a punch.


You would think I would learn by now. New Years Day and I am out getting some sun. Oh, just 10 more minutes, it will be fine... It was not fine. My back was a red mess. My foot has a hard-line where my sandals sit and my nose would give Rudolph a run for his money. 

Luckily, I only just went over the line and it wasn't a terrible burn. A couple of days of being more vampire-like and I was fine. 

The big issue with shaving is that it takes off the top layer of your skin and exposing fresh sensitive skin. This is on your face, legs, chest, or any part of your body that you shave.

In the summer you have to be extra vigilant when you shave. If you shave and then walk out into the heat of the vicious Kiwi sun then you run a high risk of doing damage to that new skin. 

Ideally, you shave the night before and it gives your skin some time to recover and heal. Shaving is traumatic for our fragile epidermis so the more you can protect it and give it a chance to heal before getting out into the sun the better.

Legs, face, chest, back, they are all fine to lotion, moisturize, oil up, however, you do it. Your other bits, the more delicate in nature you actually want them to be dry so don't over lotion them and make sure to let them dry before covering up. 


Obviously, spending time with friends and family is amazing. We are lucky to have summery Christmases and also the fact that we are one of the few countries living a post-covid life (fingers crossed it stays this way).

Sometimes just walking around, shoulder to shoulder with people feels like a surreal experience. 

Finally, I was late to this, but have you watched the Queen's Gambit. What an amazing show. The story around how it is has increased chess participation by a gazillion percent is extraordinary. The even more fascinating story is that the writer had been pitching this story for 30 years and no one wanted it and now it's a global phenomenon. 

It is just another example that no one knows anything. We are all just making hunches, so go out and try the thing, asking the question, make that thing. 

Don't jump before you look, but rest assured that no one is correct, they just happen to be right from time to time.

Shave well, be awesome, go get some sun but be gentle to your skin.


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