Stop Redness after shaving

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Shaving is like everything else in life, you can have too much of a good thing.

Your skin can't handle the constant abuse of having a piece of metal rub back and forth over the top of it. There is a reason why your skin feels so smooth after you shave, partly the reduction in hair, but also you have done some extreme exfoliation and you are touching brand new skin. 

There are three main issues caused by too much shaving: Irritation, Razor Burn, Rashes.

Irritation - Shaving over the same spot multiple times can cause irritation to the skin. It just can't handle the punishment. 

Razor Burn - people who get razor burn or even more sensitive to the frequency of having razors going over their face and body. 

Rashes - Razors get dirtier the more you use them and if you don't regularly change your blade it might have lots of nasty stuff on it. When that stuff goes back and forth over your face it has the chance to get into little tiny cuts that happen while shaving potentially causing a rash or even worse, an infection. 

There is a way to fight it. First off, use the weight of the blade and handle to do the cutting. Don't force the blade onto your skin, the harder the pressure the worst the potential irritation. We are trying to destroy the hairs, not our skin. Easy light pressure where the weight of the handle will slice through the hair allows you to go over areas many times without doing damage to your skin. If the blade isn't slicing through the hair then its probably time for a new blade. 

Using smaller strokes means you can get more stuck into the trouble spots without doing damage to other parts of your face. Smaller strokes are more precise, you clean out the hairs, dead skin, and anything else on your face more consistently which means a sharper blade and a healthier shaving experience. 

Shave at night allows your fresh skin a chance to recover and not be exposed to direct sunlight which can be damaging. 

Look after that skin of yours, its the biggest organ in your body. 

In this crazy time we are in, wash your hands, check-in on those you know need it,  don't buy more than one packet of toilet paper, and be awesome.


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