Start of a Razor Revolution

Posted by Luke McMeeken-Ruscoe on

Razor StraightFace Subscriptions

It is a very exciting and interesting time having just launched the company. We are very excited about our product and think our razors will make shaving easier and less expensive for all you amazing people in New Zealand.

We have got some amazing feedback from people about the website and its design. We have made a lot of little adjustments to try to streamline and refine the information on the website. Finally, and most exciting for us is that we have got people to sign up.

We made a lot of assumption in the website design, lots of these seem to be correct, but we made some mistakes and have tried to fix them. Hopefully, this provides a simpler and less confusing experience for customers.

Lots of the questions were to do with subscription payment timing. Just to confirm you are only charged on the day the refill happens. So if you are on a 12-week plan you are only charged once over the 12 weeks. 

We are very excited for the support that a number of people have shown us by joining up with StraightFace. We have stepped up our social media presence and have even got some customers that neither I or Imran know. We felt very honoured to have you come on board. 

Our next piece of work is creating and promoting a bigger brand awareness campaign. 

Thanks to everyone who has helped us get this far into the journey. 

Be Awesome.


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