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Easy things should be easy. Having a great shave should be one of those things. 

For 3 weeks I forgot to buy a car smell thing from the supermarket. It is not a big deal. I didn't die because my car didn't smell like a fresh meadow, but it would have been nice. It was a small thing that should have been so easy but it because a point of annoyance when I remembered I had forgotten.

Simple Shaving

Shaving with a fresh, sharp blade is so much nicer. 

Will it kill you to use an old blade, probably not, but would it make the experience of shaving better, absolutely. 

Shaving should be simple, Why make it hard when you don't have to?

Moment of Gratitude

I want to believe in Karma. I really want to believe but I have seen to many malicious people succeed and too many kind people struggle.

There is a stoic idea which I am trying to work on and had the priviliage of being able to practice recently. 

Don't care about the third thing.

First Thing - Be a good person

Second Thing - Society (or a person) will benefit from you being a good person

Third Thing - You get recognized for being a good person 

I am an ego monster like anyone else, I want to be told that I did well and recently I had a situation where I did the first two things and the third thing didn't happen and it didn't feel good.

That discomfort was a chance to practice not caring about the third thing. It was hard. It still is hard It is better that I did the right thing, it should be enough. It should be.

Damn I wish Karma was real. 

Shave Well, Be Awesome, Go be the best person you can be. 


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