Shave Pressure From Yourself

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Pressure is an interesting mechanic. It is not good or bad, but it how and when you apply it that determines it's value. 

Pressure in pipes can break them, but you also need pressure to make diamonds. It is all about where and how you use the pressure. 

Shaving as a snapshot for life, is no different.

Shaving Pressure Off Yourself

I used to, and still do, put a lot of pressure on myself. High expectations have been very beneficial to achieving things, but it also makes you feel terrible when things don't go to plan. 

As Roosevelt said, - expectation is the thief of joy. And it has stolen a lot of joy from me over the years. 

The trick is using the right amount of pressure in areas where you can control and letting the pressure off yourself in areas where you have limited or no control. 

Knowing the difference and having the wisdom to apply it is the challenge. 

Shaving Pressure On Yourself

When shaving, often there is a desire to push the blade hard onto our skin. Make a really good connection and make sure you get every hair. 

The pressure can actually cause irritation. 

What you want, is to let the weight of the blade do the work. This isn't to say you should hold the handle in your hand with no force, but that you don't need to be the Hulk on your face. 

The blade should glide over your face, if it is having a hard time slicing off the hair then it might be time for a new blade.

You can also move and contort your face to make the skin surface flat. I personally have trouble around my jaw line. I pull my skin up and over my jaw so that it has a better surface for the blade to work on. 

Shaving is a full contact sport, use enough pressure to make it work, but no more. 

Moment Of Gratitude

With the weight of expectation being a constant in my life and while trying to achieve highly I learnt about the stress - rest cycle. Our body and mind does better when we stress it, some sort of stimulus, and then let it rest so it can adapt to the stimulus. 

To get stronger, it is lifting weight. You need to lift to cause your body to have to adapt, then you have to take a break, and let those adaptions take place. 

With skills, it is working on your sport, art, instrument, and then taking a break to let your mind incorporate the skill development. 

With school, you have to read the book, and then do something else to let your brain absorb the information.

How long the stress is will dictate how long the rest period needs to be, but the rest period is critical in the growth process. 

For me, this is actually taking my own advice so next week will be a de-load week in the gym. Which means I will be doing 50 - 60% of a normal week in the gym. Give my body a chance to recover while still doing some activity. 

Constant pressure on my body isn't a good thing, no pressure on my body is a terrible thing, it is about using that pressure for a good outcome, so this week will be a de-load.

Shave Well, Be Awesome, How can you use pressure better?


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