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Shaving helps us all look like legends. However, it also can save your life, and that is probably more important than looking great. Only just though šŸ˜.

WorkSafe has launched a new campaign calledĀ Life ShaversĀ targeting people that use respiratory protective equipment (RPE) for work.

This is the same rationale that is presented to medical people who have to wear masks. Stubble, even though tiny, creates gaps in the seal of the mask with your skin and that lets even smaller particles in.

There are multiple articles onlineĀ hereĀ andĀ hereĀ andĀ hereĀ talking about the importance of proper mask fit to ensure RPE is working effectively.

In our society we glamorize risk-taking, I get it, it's cool, but sometimes just doing the sensible thing is damn sexy šŸ˜.

Moment of Gratitude

This weekend my little sister was up to trial for the NZ team. It is about 9 months since she had Noah, my only nephew. Much to the annoyance of my mum, her two older children hadn't made her a grandmother so Noah is the favourite.

I don't get to see the little fella as much as I would like but video calls help keep the connection. I went to visit them all at the practice to help babysit and Noah was playing with a bunch of the women trialling for the team, he looked up and saw me and left them and crawled directly over.

It was a bit ego-boosting that he choose me over them. As the whakataukiĀ Me te wai korari say Like the nectar of the flax flower, there is joys in small things. It was lovely to share the load and babysit for a few hours and play with the little fella. I am just glad he remembers me.

Be awesome, shave well, tell someone to shave if they are using RPE, it could save their life.



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