Razor Burns

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Whenever anyone undertakes the task of removing solidified testosterone from somewhere on their body, they always face the challenge of is the blade still sharp enough. 

It's similar to Icarus, flying to close to the sun, will the blade last another shave or will this blunt blade cause any number of issues, one being Razor Burn. 

Razor burns happen from a number of reason, but primarily if you aren't using a quality blade you are putting your face at risk. First and foremost whenever you are shaving you want to make sure your blade is sharp and clean. Blades degrade with every use and that rate is determined by the thickness and type of hair it's shaving.

I have quite thick facial hair but I don't have a lot of hair so most of my blades last a reasonable amount of time before I need to replace them. A blade should slide through the hair if it starts to pull the hair rather than slice it then it's about time to change your blade. If it hurts when shaving you have gone way to long before changing blades. 

The next thing to check is the cleanliness of the blades. As you shave biological matter gets stuck between the blades. Shorter strokes and washing out the blades between strokes helps with this but you will always get a build-up over time.

Once you are sure you have a sharp clean blade then you want to make sure you have good lubrication, either a foam, soap, gel, oil. As always, everyone is different so you want to try a variety of lubricants to find what works best for you. 

Shorter strokes not only provides a sharper smoother shave, but it will limit the chance for razor burn. Lots of little strokes will mean you are cleaning your blades out more frequently as well which is also a nice little bonus. 

You should also shave with smooth calm strokes rather than fast jerky movements. 

Razor burn doesn't have to happen if you follow a few easy steps. Make sure that you use  

  • A sharp blade
  • A clean blade
  • Good lubrication
  • Shorter smooth strokes

Happy shaving, look great, have fun.



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