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When we launched Straightface, we wanted to give Kiwis the option for an easier way to shave. The three issues we kept hearing from friends were

  1. Razors were too expensive
  2. People would forget to buy them and so had to shave with a blunt razor
  3. The shaving aisle in the supermarket was confusing and they wouldn't know which brand or model they had at home so would be a new starter pack.

We thought we would solve all three of those issues by delivering a kick-arse razor straight to your door on your schedule.

And we are proud to have done that. The challenge we currently face and what is happening world wide is inflation. 

Everything is costing more and since we have tried to offer great value it means our margins aren't as big as the other razor companies. 

These new costs have been a huge challenge for us as a small New Zealand company and we have to face the reality of the situation so we will have to put our prices up.


Good news, nothing will change for you. Since you have been with us from the start we want to take care of you for being there for us, your price will stay the same. 

Same great price, same great service. Just sit back and relax knowing you are legends.

Tell your friends that if they want to get on board with the current price they need to do it quickly. 

Non Subscribers or New People

You have a week to lock in the current price. After a week we will put up the prices but for now you can jump on board and get the original $17.99 price. 

We are still finalising the new price, fun times with spreadsheets and formulas but it is looking like it will increase to $19.99 for the subscription. 

Get in fast to lock in the savings.

Moment of Gratitude

A friend of mine bought a new house and needs to do some renovations. Today, after writing this, I am going to go over and help him around his new house.

I am definetely not the most blokey of guys. I can back a trailer but I am not great on the tools. I am going to let the precision work to him.

What I can offer is energy. Humanities main super power is collaboration. We do better when we help each other. It will be fun to talk shit and rip apart this house. Hopefully I don't screw up too bad 🤣.

Shave Well, Be Awesome, Go give some energy to a friend. 



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