Use Pressure Better

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Shaving is an art about pressure. Too little and you won't shave anything off. Too Much and you will irritate your skin or even worse cut yourself.


Pressure gets a bad rap. People complain about having too much pressure in their lives. Pressure is neither good or bad, it is how you use it. 

Pressure used incorrectly will cause pipes too burst, however, pressure used correctly can create diamonds, so its not the pressure itself, its how you apply it. 

The weight of the handle and blade should be doing the work. If it is not cutting easily then it might be time to get a new blade. 

Pressure can be to do with shaving, but pressure shows up in our day to day lives too.


It is getting into winter and we don't get enough Vit D in New Zealand so we have cases of Seasonal Affect Disorder or S.A.D. Basically you just feel more down. Things are a little bit harder and something that once didn't bother you now does. 

I went to Jim Jefferies last night, one of the warm up acts was also Australian and he talked about how you are meant to ask your friends if they are OK and then there is no more training to deal with them if they are say they are not.

This is again a case of pressure, will the pressure to be uncomfortable for someone you care about cause you to break or will it push you into being awesome. It is always your choice.

Moment Of Gratitude

I am always too hard on myself and I don't celebrate my successes unless they are astronomical (those clever ones would release they are never astronomical so I never celebrate my successes.)

But I have been really trying to change what I define as success and I have attempted a few things lately. And I have failed. Failed in the sense that I didn't get the ultimate outcome I wanted.

However, I have succeeded in trying, and that was my success criteria. I gave things a go. It still feels awful that they didn't work but if I didn't try they would have never had a chance to work so you have to do that first thing, and that is the game, just trying.

I am working hard to focus on the effort, not the outcome, its a challenge, but I am trying.

Shave well, Be Awesome, check in on your friends and try.



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