People Helping People

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The common compliment I get told by Straigthface Shavers, and to be honest it feels like a somewhat backhanded compliment, is that they didn't think Straightface would be so coinvent. 

They were a little skeptical when they signed up and then they tell me how it is such a nice to not have to worry about remembering to buy blades or not. This part of their life got easier. 

Sharing is Caring

To try to spread that love around if you refer a friend, you earn $7 off your next subscription

For every friend you refer that buys a Straigthface subscription you will get $7 off your next subscription order and they will get $7 off their first purchase.

Send them this link to get the ball rolling.

People helping people, it is a beautiful thing

Moment of Gratitude

You don't worry about your health until it is the only thing you worry about. I dont know what I did, something in the gym, by my left shoulder, upper back was giving me so much grief. 

With injuries, rest is amazing, but it is hard to stop because you want to keep pressing forward. The challenge is to accept what has happened but also keep working on improving.

For the last few weeks I had really back off my training with anything to do with that shoulder. 

Yesterday in the gym, I could finally do a pull up again. It still doesn't feel 100% but it is well on the mend. 

The little things can mean so much.

Shave well, Be awesome, spread some joy


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