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We know that not having a sharp razor to shave with is annoying. That was one of the main complaints people had when we started looking into Straigthface as a viable business.

It was interesting the difference in the feedback between men and women. Women were overwhelmingly more concerned with the environment, and that was always something that we wanted to work on. How do we reduce waste and energy. 

Our courier is CourierPost and they have now gone carbon neutral. We know it is not carbon negative, but its part of the journey we want to go on. We didn't want it to be easier for you to stay at home and get your sweet sweet razors sent to your door at the expense of being able to swim in our beautiful rivers and streams.

Also, our shipping bags are 100% non-virgin plastic. Meaning that they are made out of plastic that has already been made and it has been repurposed into the bag.

Moment of Gratitude

I can breathe, sorta.

No good deed goes unpunished. I was babysitting for some friends and their wee boy was sick. Then I went to Christchurch last weekend and I was looking after my Nephew and he had been unwell.

He is currently teething and while he was crawling on top of me he was trying to bite on my nose and a glob of his salvia fell into my mouth. It was one of the most disgusting feelings I have ever experienced.

Then I went to visit some other friends in CHCH and their young boy was sick also. 

On the way home in the plain my head got so blocked up, I couldn't equalise my ears. They started to hurt so much. I couldn't hear anything except for my heart beat. 

This whole last week I have been feeling very sorry for myself. I popped my ear the other day and it was magically. As it turns out, I had my laptop volume up very loud. 

This morning I woke up finally feeling pretty good, not 100% but definitely way better.

Shave well, be awesome, look after yourself this winter, a cough is a terrible thing to share.


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