Ouch ouch too hot

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In the depths of wintery August, I understand the desire to turn the shower tap a little warmer to heat up that cold body. 

I got it, the heat, the steam, it all feels great, and to warm your body it does a great job. However, however, very hot water is not great for your skin, so it doesn't make for a great shower temperature and it makes for an even worse temperature for a shave.

When you use really hot water, be it in a shower, or just washing your face before a shave it softens the skin which can make it more prone to nicks and cuts. The heat does help soften the hairs to make them easier to slice through so like everything, it's a trade-off and finding the balance is always the challenge.

You could just decide to be a maniac like me and have cold showers. It's pretty horrific to start but gets easier. I haven't done a winter swim yet. Wading into the water slowly is very difficult for me, but jumping into a cold pool is shocking, but fine. 

Moment of Gratitude

My bodies ability to adapt and change.

I hurt my ankle years ago and it causes downstream issues with the rest of my body. Primarily, my right hip at the moment. I do lots of mobility work to try to offset the extra work my hip has to do to make up for the lack of motion in my ankle. 

I have added in a few different stretches to my mobility routine and during my latest gym session I not only squatted without pain, but I could go deeper than I had in ages. Being a maniac, see above, I thought it would be a good idea to lift even heavier than normal and so now I am in quite a bit of pain with muscle soreness. It is a good pain, and earned pain. 

Also, I deadlifted 250kgs without a belt for a new personal best. I hopefully will get 260kgs soon. It an arbitrary number but it's also when you put 6 20kg plates on each side. It just looks cool when you add a new plate.

Shave well, be awesome, keep warm, but not too warm, and pick up some heavy arse weights.


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