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We are burdened with knowledge. The bigger issue is thinking others know what we know. "They will notice I missed that tiny bit of hair around my lip". This makes us self conscious, but really, no one cares, they are all too busy worried about their own stuff.

My Burden

I am still trying to learn this marketing game. I overthink everything and consume a whole lot of media trying to learn more. I think if I get that one piece of information that will unlock my understanding I can get good enough to make some great content.

But no one knows what I am thinking, they only see what I put out. 

To generate some more engagement we have been working on a YouTube ad. Again, so many thoughts, I watch a lot of YouTube and see the ads. I am making a huge assumption that others do the same as me. 

The Plan

I used to work in the film industry and I understood the limitations of our time and budget. Working with a marketing company we went back and forth on some ideas and settled on one that we thought could work. With YouTube, you get 6 seconds before they can skip the ad so I wanted to get something in there that said our name, that we sell razors, and have something memorable to make you remember it. 

I guess everyone has the same idea, but there I go again assuming about others. 

The Problem

Even with all the best intentions, the footage we got didn't really work. Sometimes things don't work how you want them to work. Not having a lot of resources i.e money to spend on lots of editing time I got the footage and started to edit myself. 

I kept fighting with what I was hoping it would be rather than what I had and how I could best use what I had to make something great, or hopefully, useable. 

The Outcome

I made so many little tweaks, they were probably not to make the video better but to avoid putting something out into the world that I wasn't hugely comfortable with. Again, I know what I wanted, and this wasn't it, but no one else knows what I wanted, they just see the results. 

And until I get it out into the world I can't learn anything to see how successful (hopefully) it turns out. 

So before it becomes an ad before one of your latest YouTube videos you can watch it here. 

Moment of Gratitude

It has been a difficult couple of years for everyone. I wish I could say that Straightface is my full-time job but it is still not in that position. During these two covid lockdowns I have gone many months being unemployed and recently got a new job, which definitely helps. 

This weekend I was volunteering at the Auckland City Mission, usually, it is out of their facility, but since Christmas is fast approaching, it was in the bowels of Eden Park. With a group of people, we made over 1000 food parcels for families in need. 

I took a moment to think of how lucky I have been, even not working for long periods of time I still had supportive friends and family so that i was never worried about where my next meal was coming from. And being a larger human being, they are usually pretty big meals. 

It was great to be able to support those in need. It is just a small thing to do but it is very rewarding. 

Shave well, be awesome, no one knows what you are thinking so be brave and do the thing.


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