Like a great shave, good things take time

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I know when I rush through a shave, it never turns out well. Putting a little more effort into the preparation and being a little more diligent with how I shave produces better results. 


Years ago when I was living in Wellington I was part of this filmmaking collective that decided to make a feature film by having every filmmaker making a short film about encounters. It has taken maybe 5 years from the start of the project, to get all the films shot, edited, assembled, sound, colour, special effects, and everything else that goes with making a film. 

Shockingly, the name of the film is Encounters and it's finally finished. It has had its world premiere and is not up on video on demand. 

Is it perfect? No, far from it. Would I go back and change things? Absolutely, probably nearly everything. The challenge isn't to be perfect, the challenge is to step forward into that uncomfortable place of being vulnerable so that you can learn. 

Just like I was terrible at shaving when I was younger, now I am much quicker and more proficient. What once was scary, today is routine. 


In the middle of the week was the Old Man's birthday. I booked a flight down to Wellington and I tried to organize a surprise where I would just walk into his house. 

However, because of work commitments, his wife had to tell him I was coming. As I walked into the door he put on his best performance of shock that I had turned up. Bless him and his effort but I knew that he knew I was coming, but I appreciated the effort. 

In this crazy time, it was lovely to spend some time with him, eat some food, and see some other family. 

Shave well, be awesome, go spend some time with the people you care about.


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