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When we started Straightface, we questioned lots of Kiwi's about their issues while shaving. The three themes that kept coming up were

  • Razors were too expensive
  • They forgot to buy razors so they had to shave with a blunt razor
  • They would go to the supermarket and not remember which model or brand they had so they would be another handle

We launched Straightface to fix all three of those problems. We thought shaving should be easier so we decided to do something about it. 


The huge point of difference we were offering at Straightface was that we delivered quality razors straight to your door on your schedule. We thought this would be a huge value add to Kiwi consumers.

To do that we go in touch with lots of couriers to check out prices to see if we could realistically pull it off. 

This was all well and good until the recent petrol hikes and our last courier bill was about 40% higher than I thought. 

Progress Is Not A Straight Line

It is a real challenge when an external change has to make you reconsider a lot of things. This challenge highlights that progress isn't linear. When you try to do things, be it a business, working out, learning a language, getting better a sport, you don't just keep getting better. 

You will have moments of regression, set-backs, frustrations, it is all part of life. 

The question is do you need to change your goals? Change your strategy? Or change to a completely new idea?

We hope this small courier cost is just a blip but if it turns out to be a structural change we might need to adjust prices. We will wait and see.

Moment of Gratitude

I find most big things are the small things. I got the flu after flying back from Queenstown, well I assume it was from the flights.

I wasn't that sick but the biggest thing was getting blocked up and having a sore throat so I would only get small bits of sleep throughout the night, so it was really draining. 

The first night when I slept the whole night was glorious. I am still not 100% recovered but feeling way better.

Shave well, be awesome, keep working through the set backs.


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