Keep It Smooth

Posted by Luke McMeeken-Ruscoe on

Hey Team,

Growing up there was the Make it Click campaign promoting the proper use of seat belts. If you didn't hear the click then the seat belt was essentially useless. I think Ronald McDonald even got into the action. 

The same goes for wearing masks. Not so much make it click, but Keep It Smooth. If you have facial hair it breaks the seal around your mask and greatly reduces the effectiveness of the mask. The whole point is to not let things in so if you are going to wear a mask you might as well have it work. 

For the everyday person, it's not as important but if you are an essential worker and are coming face to face with potential virus situations then you don't want to take that chance. We, as a country, don't want you to take that chance either. 

Be safe out there. Thanks for staying at home. Shave well.

Be Awesome.


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