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At Straightface, we want to help you have an awesome shave. Delivering 5-blade razors straight to you on your schedule definitely helps, but our blades can only do so much.

Take Your Time

A key to a great shave is to take your time. It shouldn't be rushed. The modern world makes us feel like we need to be place, hit goals, have certain things. 

Sometimes, we just need to slow down. 

For me, Sunday is a day to take my time. Take a breath and reset. 

Both, consider the previous week, and prepare for the upcoming week. 

Shaving is being Present

Shaving is part of that contemplative process. Taking my time and making sure I am purposeful with my strokes and movements. I don't shave every day, so when  I do shave I want to do a good job of it.

Shaving requires you to be present and it is also a present to you any everyone that gets to see that handsome mug of yours 😎

Moment of Gratitude

It is easy to delve into what we don't have.

I am highly competitive and way to hard on myself so I often feel like I am not maximising my potential and getting the most out of the gifts I was given. 

One thing I am very consistent on is my work outs. Health is a huge thing for me. I am very consistent so it makes it easier. But that consistency makes me not recognise what I do and what I have sometimes. 

I caught up with a friend on Friday, they are having some health challenges. As I was listening to his story I reflected on my own life. Yup, I always make it about me 🤣.

He has an amazing wife, beautiful house, a job that provides him a lifestyle I am envious of, all the things I want, but he is unwell and so he doesn't see all the things I am jealous.

It is hard to do it sometimes, but celebrating your own wins rather than comparing yourself to what you don't have it a valuable exercise, and something I need to more of and get better at. 

Shave Well, Be Awesome, take some time for yourself, you deserve it. 


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