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I know that Straighface sells razors, bloody good razors and at a better price, but the more and more I am finding that everything revolves around time, the lack of it, the use of it, the maximisation of it and this focus on time has been very enlightening about what our products can do for our customers.

I have a lot of friends who have recently had children and all you hear is they don't have enough time. Their lives revolve around the baby and they don't get to spend time as a couple any more. They don't get sleep. They are just running on autopilot trying to survive, not thrive. 

I know that I don't always use my time efficiently. I fall down youtube rabbit holes. I try to justify to myself that I am watching tutorials and informational videos so I am learning something, but it's not always accurate. 

While doing research to try to help the business I stumbled onto Cheryl Brown and Tatiana Borisova's Understanding Commuting and Grocery Shopping Using The American Time Use Survey In the paper they reveal that it takes a consumer 12.5 minutes whenever they have to go to the supermarket for an item. Individually this isn't a lot of time but collectively over the course of a month or a year, it adds up to many lost hours where you could be spending time with people you love. 

With Straightface we aim to provide a product that will make looking your best, easier, simpler, and less expensive. But now I think that time has to be a huge part of this story. If we can save customers hours a year from trips they don't need to take and we can help turn those saved hours into something meaningful, then that's a hell of a rewarding experience for me as an owner. 

We know that our blades stand up and beat blades that cost much more than ours. Because of that, we can make the shaving experience quicker and easier since shaving with a sharp clean blade saves time and creates better outcomes. But ultimately, we want Straightface to stand for a company that gives time back to its customers so that it can do meaningful things with the people they love, and just look good doing it.



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