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Michael Jordan famously wore new shoes in every game because he liked the feeling of excitement putting on new shoes. There is a clear relationship between how we feel and how we perform. 

We sell razors to help you have a good shave, whatever it is that you want to shave. We want to make you feel fresh, clean, and attractive. It just represents the external element of who you are. The facade of your character and it expresses to the world who you are. However, this is just one part of the equation. There is your outside, but more importantly its how you feel on the inside and the relationship between your insides and outside. 

There is research on the power pose. It talks about if you change how your body stands and moves you change how your brain processes your situation. For instance, if you are feeling down in the dumps and your body will start to hunch over, to counteract this you can stand tall and proud and your body is telling your brain that you are feeling good and your brain will start feeling better. 

The brain-body connection is amazing and works both ways. Having a good shave and looking good can make you feel better and lift your mood. But what makes you feel really good is supporting others. Spending time with people you care about. Helping those in need. 

We live in a world where bad news spreads and we are surrounded by problems, hate, and meanness. There are awful things in the world, but there are also many lovely and wonderful things. We can all be forces of change and forces of good in the world. 

Open a door. Send a thank you card. Write someone an email about how they positively impacted you in your life. Give your parents a call and tell them you love them. Do something because it's the right thing to do and not because it's going to get you anything. 

Yes, we can hack our body and our thoughts to get a better outcome and that is a great place to start but the best outcome is when you align your body and your mind. Act in a way that reflects your higher self. Put a smile on a strangers face and you will find that one magically appears on yours.

Be Amazing, Be Brave. Be Courageous. 

Shave Well.


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