How is the lockdown?

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Hey Team,

Just checking in to see how you are going with the lockdown. From a wellness and mental health point of view, the biggest disruption is with your schedule. Less structure, less driving to and from work so more time in some cases. 

This disruption can cause issues such as anxiety, procrastination, and bad habits. These are all completely normal responses to the strange situation we find ourselves in. It doesn't, however, mean we can't plan and use our time effectively to create positive outcomes. 

Anxiety is a natural response to uncertainty. The media is talking about doom, gloom and death can lead to you feeling uneasy about what the future will hold.

Having to adjust to a new working and living environment can lead to procrastination which is the desire to do something novel, new, or different rather than the task at hand. It might be that the space you are living in is noise, has kids, has flatmates, and these all lead to challenges for staying on task. 

Bad habits can form when you don't have that routine in place to help you create a more productive and effective environment. 

A new space and new challenge require a new routine. The key things to think about are what is Important and what is Urgent. President Eisenhower created a framework to think about your daily tasks to achieve more of what matters and to focus your limited energy into the right places.

Important tasks contribute to your long term objectives or success. Urgent tasks require immediate attention. Breaking down your work, study, workouts, cooking, caring, entertainment, reading, cleaning, supporting tasks into one of these 4 quadrants can help you priorities what needs to be done to achieve and productive lockdown. 

The more you can plan what you can control gives you the power to accept what you can't control. This helps order your days, which reduces anxiety, reduces procrastination, and helps form good habits so you can have a happier and more enjoyable lockdown. 

Be awesome out there, look after yourself, and each other. 



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