High Five for the World

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At Straightface, we want to make it easier to get smiles. Having a great razor to help with an awesome shave so you can feel confident in yourself is the goal. 

For a while I was trying to come up with a slogan about make a better second first impression. The idea being that after a shave you can feel more confident and that energy will help make a new first impression. I could never get it to work. It was always too long or to complex. 

I still like the idea, I will keep working on it, but the energy idea is very real. Not the woowoo energy, but in that people can pick up what you are putting out.

High Five Times

I was walking to get some food and this little girl runs up to me, her mum immediately looks a little apprehensive about the whole thing. Kids/baby and animals like me, I think my size and calmness is comforting for them, NZ ladies don't see to have the same interest, but that is for another day 🤣.

This little girl runs up and this with a big smile on her face puts up her hand for a high five. I put my hand out and she gives a cute little jump and gives me a high five. 

I noticed that I was smiling, and now her mum is smiling, and the little girl thinks it was awesome.

She sent out some positive energy and changed as all into having a better day. 

Moment of Gratitude

I fall into comparison a lot. Roosevelt said comparison is the thief of joy. And it has stolen a lot from me. Being super competitive has helped me grow and achieve a lot but as Michael Jordan said when he compared himself with Kobe Bryant, he said they were both cursed with being competitive. 

I don't have everything I want, that is for sure, see above re a lovely lady in my life, but I have the tools to grow, the tools to learn, the tools to change my destiny. 

I would have loved to win that $23 million in lotto, but I bet it will feel a lot better to earn that money than being given it. So the struggle continues to just be a better me than I was yesterday. 

The American abolitionist Fredick Douglass said "If there is no struggle, there is no progress", so I am off for a cold dip in the ocean to get better at being uncomfortable.

Shave well, Be Awesome, Give someone a high five and spread some smiles around the world. 


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