Here we go again

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History doesn't repeat, but it rhymes - or so said Mark Twain.

We are back again into another lockdown and it feels similar but slightly different. One of the most important factors in times of crisis and interruption is to have a routine. 

I am currently reading James Clears book Atomic Habit, you can read my summary of it soon on my personal website He talks about "you don't rise to the level of your goals, you fail to the level of your systems". 

Figure out what is important for you, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially. Figure out what your plan is and create systems to help you get there. Clear says "You should be far more concerned with your current trajectory than your current results". 

I still shave because I know that when I look better I feel better and that helps me in other parts of my life. I still have my 28kg kettlebell from the last lockdown so back to working out on the balcony, this time it is much colder though. I am reaching out to multiple friends and family every day to see how people are doing and to keep in touch with people. 

The point is to keep a routine of what you do. This will adapt and change because the situation you are in has slightly changed, but if you want to stay fit you will work out. Maybe you went to the gym, now you have to do a homework out or go for a run. 

Part of this lockdown has given me a moment to pause to assess what I want to achieve and now working on those systems to have me do that. It sounds easy but hard to do, but so are most good things. 

Moment of Gratitude

I struggled with this one. This week has been difficult and I didn't feel too grateful really. 

Before writing this my little sister called about stuff she is struggling with at the moment and I was able to express similar life situations that I have had in the past and what I have done to work through them. Some are more successful than others. 

It made me think of a quote by Bruce Lee - "Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one".

So I am grateful for the challenges I have had to make me the man I am today. 

Shave well, be awesome, live that difficult life. 

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