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Autobiography is only to be trusted when it reveals something disgraceful. A man who gives a good account of himself is probably lying, since any life when viewed from the inside is simply a series of defeats.” - George Orwell

I talk a lot about my challenges, maybe too much. I went to film school and almost every scriptwriter and storyteller says stories need conflict and challenges. A good story has the characters within it go through hell to learn something about themselves and grow because of it. 

I talk about my challenges not just talk about bad stuff but to show the struggle before the success (well hopefully getting to the success part). And I will let you know the successes 😁.

I think NZ doesn't do a great job of talking about successes. We are meant to be humble. I have said it before, I think we only have a fake humbleness here. Doing well and championing your friends to do well is an awesome way to be.

Your success doesn't limit my success, it's the opposite, your success gives me more chance to succeed. Success is not a zero-sum game. Go be your friends biggest cheerleaders. 


We live in a capitalist society. It has its pro's and con's and is far from perfect. However, we do get the choice every day to put our hard-earned resources towards something. 

Every time you buy something you are voting for that thing. Voting for your health with your food choices. Voting for your brain with your entertainment choices. Voting for your soul with your friend choices. 

As Straightface is growing, one of the things we have to think about is where we spend our marketing/advertising dollars and I want to spend them wisely.

A fellow Nelson College alum is James Marshall, he played rugby in the NPC, Super Rugby, over in the UK and Japan. He started the What A Lad Podcast. He talks with rugby players about their journey from playing in the backyard to playing in front of thousands.

Often the stories follow that classic storytelling formula of a person wanting something but has a hard time getting it. Injuries, getting cut from the team, travelling for long periods away from family and loved ones. They are worth a listen.

I wanted to partner Straightface with What A Lad because I really support James's conversations that he is having and trying to have NZ talk more about their feelings and challenges as well as being proud of their successes. So if you What A Lad a listen you might hear a little blurb about Straightface at the start 😎.


This crazy time we are living in has its moments. However, I have had two friends come back from overseas for various reasons. This week I got to spend time with both. 

One is heading back to LA where he lives. He is building a business that is trying to secure some additional funding to grow. It is getting lots of interest and hopefully, it will go crazy. It's not a fun company that you will all hear about, but still, it's amazing what he has been able to build. I have been trying to invest in it, only a tiny amount but if it does what we all hope then that tiny bit could turn out to be not as tiny.

But he isn't taking money because he needs millions not a few hundred dollars. Oh well, I will keep pitching it to him. His success has meant that he has met many people and I have lined up a chat with two people he knows. Hopefully, that can lead to something else. His success can help my success.

Another friend is back from Spain. His visa has been in shambles since covid, but he is super into the crypto space and so it's a pleasure to sit and learn from him.

One of my simple joys in life is talking to people that know why more than I do about stuff and just picking their brains. It might be a little bit selfish of me but people like talking about themselves and I am always happy to learn. 

I am super proud of my friends doing well and it was lovely to see them ever so briefly. 

 Be awesome, shave well, go champion a friend. 



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