Form or Function

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We wanted to make shaving easier so the function of how it all worked was very important to us at Straightface. How do we take the hassle out of shaving? How do we make it simpler and less expensive to have a great shave?

Hopefully, we have achieved that by delivering blades straight to you on your schedule for a better price than the supermarket. However, that all doesn't matter if your sink is blocked and no water can flow.


The apartment that I rent (NZ house prices, am I right?) has a beautiful looking sink. Very stylish and modern. However, it has been slowly draining less and less. I have used drain-o on it a few times and it always cleared it up but the times between needing it got shorter and shorter. The last time I used it, it barely made a difference.

So I got in touch with the property manager who arranged a plumber.

He walked into the bathroom and immediately said, I think it's your sink. It has some fancy plumbing underneath that hairs, specifically, my hairs, are clogging up. 

He just flat out advised not to shave in my sink, or if I do make sure the water is really hot to help any non-water-soluble things, i.e. fatty things break down and move through the pipes easier.

Make-up was going to be his next thought but unfortunately, being single, there isn't a lot of make-up being washed down my sink. He mentioned that lots of the make-up clumps up and does a number on the internal plumbing. 


It doesn't matter how pretty the thing is if it doesn't work properly. I mean that has always been my philosophy but I have had an ex-girlfriend who disagreed with me. 

So make sure to do a hot rinse after you finish shaving or taking off make-up to help your pipes out.

Or get a good plunger.

Moment of Gratitude

This year I am trying to focus on the things I can control. Not on what others do but making sure I do what I can do, and I react to others in a positive way or at least learn something. 

Within that frame, I have been trying to create the systems in my own actions to achieve that. 

I am back to the day job tomorrow and this past week has been lovely going to the beach and getting sun. 

I have read every day. I have been working on a film script that has been in my head for years.

It is so underwhelming what you do on a day to day basis but extremely important over the long term. 

All of the little things add up. It never feels like much in the moment but the process of becoming who you want to be starts with all of those little acts. 

Packing your gym bag the night before you so you go to the gym in the morning. Not buying those delicious delicious treats from the supermarket so your house is full of healthy snacks, not sugary ones. 

Shave Well, Be Awesome, Focus on those small acts you can do every day to make yourself better.



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