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I talk a lot about time at Straightface. I think it is the most undervalued resource. We want to give people back time by them not having to think about shaving. That a sharp blade is always there when you need it. 

I recently didn't respect time enough. 

Shaving requires to you be present

I was in a rush, I was thinking about a whole bunch of stuff, and I was just didn't give what I was doing enough attention. 

There are a few areas on my face that require a little more sensitive care. Places where if I don't take my time and set up the skin first that I can get a little nick. We all have skin tags or different trouble spots that need a little more attention.

I wasn't present in the moment. I was off thinking about work, friends, family, you name it, and that caused me to not take care of what was in front of me. 

Instead of taking my time, I cut myself and lost time dealing with stopping the bleeding. 

Time is a gift

I think the best gift you can give anyone is your time. Yoga, mediation, mindfulness, all these things try to teach you to be present in the moment. Experience the moment fully. Not thinking about the past or worrying about the future. To be fully immersed in the enjoyment and opportunities that present themselves. 

It wasn't till I got injured and I couldn't practice basketball like I used to. I didn't know it at the time but going to shoot for an hour was a form of zen meditation. I would focus on one thing for hours at a time. I wouldn't think about anything. All my troubles and frustrations just melted away. 

I am still working on transferring that skill to my life outside of the court.

 Moment of Gratitude

Speaking of time, my little sis and nephew are off overseas again so I am going to be at the airport as this email goes out (The joys of modern technology and being about to schedule things).

They will be away for 6 months. The little guy will change a lot, it will be another quarter of his life. I hope you remembers me when he gets back. 

Shave well, be awesome, be present with how you spend your time.



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