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I forgot something during my Christmas trip. But forgetting things doesn't mean you can't still have a great shave. 

Christmas Trip

I always think I have forgotten to pack something. There is always a lurking suspicion in the back of my mind. Nowadays packing is even harder since I have to take product, printers, courier bags, the whole operation basically with me.

Packing for Christmas to Christchurch, After packing all the Straightface things, I didn't have much room for my own clothes. I was hoping that the weather would be good and I could do some laundry.

All those doubts still crept in before I left Auckland. Did I have everything I needed? What have I forgotten? But getting to Christchurch it seemed like I had done the impossible and taken everything I needed. 

Christmas Eve

I thought I would have a shave on Christmas Eve. Look a little sharper for Christmas Day. I got out a new razor and looked for some shaving gel and found nothing. I looked all around the house. There must have been an old can somewhere. 

Alas, there was no Christmas miracle here. 

MacGyver That Shit

Not having shaving gel isn't going to stop you from having a great shave, you just have to improvise a little bit.

Moisturizer creates a nice surface to glide over, the trick is to not rub it in too much, but also you have to rub it in a bit so it isn't really thick. The goldilocks zone of coverage is what you are after. 

The question now was where do I find some?

The Hunt

I know my little sister has lots of moisturizers, but I also know she will kill me if I use some expensive product, so I searched around her room for something that liked nice, but not too nice. 

Hopefully, she will never read this and be none the wiser. She is in Wales at the moment so I think I will be safe. 

The Result

It was a great shave. It cut really well and I was super happy with the results. It doesn't leave your face feeling as moisturized (ironically) as a shaving gel or foam does since you have to still wash your face off after the shave, but then you can apply some of the moisturizer like normal and rub it and boom - Gorgeous Human Being Mode Activated.

Moment Of Gratitude 

It has been a challenging year, there are definitely lots of things I would have liked to have gone differently, however, those things are out of my control.

I am really happy with the things I have worked on. I am far from perfect and there is still an infinite capacity to learn and grow. The goal is always progression but sometimes I get on myself for not being perfect.

I have tried to be kinder to myself. Focusing on holding myself accountable For the things I can control. Working out, reading, making content, sleeping well, eating good food, and trying (sometimes failing) at worrying about where I am in life compared to other people, worrying about what others think of me, wanting Straightface to be bigger and more successful. 

Happy New Year

Shave Well, Be Awesome, be kind to yourself and focus on what you can control.



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  • Luke just ordered your razor should arrive in a few days. Best shaving gel I have bought and continue to use is king of shaves gel try it you won’t go back .

    Wayne on

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