Do you even stretch?

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Hey Team,

Have you tried yoga? It's a very old movement pattern that has been commercialised, that's neither good nor bad, but the thing about your body is that it doesn't care that yoga is a business, or that its spiritual, or not spiritual, your body likes it because it works. 

Our modern lives are filled with progress. I come from a basketball family. When my big sister went to the US on scholarship we could read game reports the next day on this new fangled internet. When I went over to school in the US, my parents could watch live box scores of the game. My little sister went over and we could live streams her games.

There is no denying that this progress has been beneficial for friends and family to keep in touch. The same progress has helped keep everyone connected in this crazy time, now untethered from our computers you just need a cell phone to see someone you loves smiling face.

This unending march of progress is a good thing, but at the same time, we need to remember to not forget what worked and why it worked. Sometimes simplicity wins out over technology. 

People have been getting shaves from barbers for years. They didn't complicate it, you just need a sharp blade and some technique. After all the trial and error they all did the same thing. They would shave the majority of your hair off with the grain. Then, they would stretch small bits of your skin taut so it could be as flat as possible, and then they would shave against the grain.

Small, deliberate strokes, often in more than one direction, always touching on your face first to feel the grain. Not rocket science, just adjusting the process to the specific person's hair growth. 

Progress is great, but sometimes you need to reduce elements to their simplest parts, a sharp blade and some great technique. We can help you with the blade part, the technique is on you. 

Ask for help if you need it, offer help if you can. Be awesome out there.



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