Consistency vs Intensity

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We want Straightface to be part of people's selfcare ritual. Shaving doesn't necessarily sound like selfcare. People think selfcare is green smoothies and yoga, but really all it is, is taking a moment in your day that you do something for you. 

When we launched Straightface, the three issues that kept coming up were:

  1. Razors cost too much money
  2. People forgot to buy razors so they had to shave with a blunt razor
  3. They got to the supermarket and didn't know which brand or style they had so they bought a new handle. 

Environment Matters For Success

Overcoming your environment is very difficult. Running up hill is harder than running down hill. 

We want to help with having a subscription so that you always have sharp blades when you need them at a reasonable price. Trying to make it easier to have that great shave when you need it. Maybe it is a first date, an important work meeting, or maybe you just want to feel good, starting that process off with a dull blade really puts a spanner in the works.

You want to set your world up so that is easier to make good choices. 

Consistency vs Intensity

I am lucky that I stay in relatively good shape. Most of that luck is down to mum and dad, grandma and grandad. I lucked out on some good genetic and I will ride that train as long as I can. 

Some of it is consistency. I go to the gym Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings. I pack my bag on the night before so that the decision is made and I wake up with my alarm and get I get up and go to the gym. 

I don't do anything that special except I continually turn up, and that consistency will always beat going to the gym once and working 3 times as hard for one session. 

We want our subscription offering to be that for you, that it turns up and you have already made the decision to do something good for you, because no one likes paying too much for blades or shaving with a dull razor. 

Moment of Gratitude

I often talk about how important I think time is and how valuable it is to think of where to spend it.

This weekend I had two friends have disappointing things happen over the week. I couldn't spend time with both of them. One luckily had lots of people spend time with them but I got to spend some time with the other.

The people that care about you don't care about your fancy title, or money, or fancy things, they care that you are present, and turn up, and how you make them feel.

I was happy that I could be there to support my friends when they just needed someone. Because sometimes life can be a real knucklehead and we need to just have someone turn up for us.

Shave well, be awesome, turn up for those you care about.


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