Christmas is a coming

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With Christmas fast approaching, everyone is doing some last minute shopping. 

People think men are hard to shop for. I don't think they are any more or less easy to shop for than anyone else. Lots of people drop hints throughout the year of what they want, you just gotta be looking out for the signs. 

If you missed the signs the next best things is something practical. Not for them, for you. Get them a gift voucher from Straightface so they have no excuse not to have a finely shaved smooth face, legs, or body, what ever they are shaving 😁

It's the gift that keeps on giving and you can order them anytime. Save yourself the frantic trip to the mall. 

Moment of Gratitude

I heard about the stoic phrase Amor Fati this week. It is Latin that means to love ones fate. Everything that happens, good or bad as positive, or at the very least necessary. 

I found it very helpful as a reframing tool. I have had many set backs in life, as everyone has. I have approached them as something to figure out and work through. Creating a new position and then improve from there. 

I didn't, however, love the idea of the set back. I didn't hate it, There were definitely moments of sadness/frustration/grief. Then I would get back out there and work on stuff.

Amor Fati was very interesting for me to learn about because it takes what I did one step further and changes how you approach and understand the challenges. I always did this but I never look at it in this way.

These challenges didn't happen to me, they happened for me. 

Shave Well, Be Awesome, Amor Fati


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