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At Straightface, we wanted to make it easier for Kiwi's to look good and feel great. To start that mission we wanted to deliver a quality 5-blade razor straight to your door on your schedule.

The big thing there is on your schedule. 

Shave Time

Life is hectic and we hope that Straightface can give you back some of that time that you might have spent going to the supermarket or even thinking - do I need to buy some more razors?

A few Straightface members have gotten in touch because the blades are lasting longer than their previous blades and they need to push their subscription out.

Firstly, this is great from a sustainability point of view and so we are happy to be delivering a product that lasts longer, and who doesn't want to last longer. 

Secondly, it isn't hitting our objective of getting your blades on your schedule. 

You Are In Control

We wanted to make this process as simple as possible. If you aren't getting through your blades as fast as they are being sent you can go into your account page and change your subscription cycle. 

We wanted to give you all the power to control when the razors turn on on your door. 


The biggest issue we have found is that people sign up for a subscription then try to log in but it says they have no account. 

In this case, both are true.

When you create a subscription you don't have to create an account, which is basically just claiming your email address with a password. This means you keep getting your subscription sent but you have no way to access the account.

To do that, you just need to go here and create an account. 

Then you will have access to all the information and change anything you want. 

Shaving made simple.... Hopefully.

Moment of Gratitude

A big thing for my own journey has been managing expectations and focusing on what I can control. I have had varying success at this. But with anything, it is a skill, and with skills, you can improve over time with considered practice.

I have had some things recently which didn't pan out the way I would have liked (expectations) and that still troubles me, but I have focused on rewarding myself for working through the process (what I control) and I have found it a more rewarding experience. 

The plan is to keep working on what I control and hopefully, I can improve to get better at achieving the desired outcomes. 

It is the long game you want to win, and that involves challenges, setbacks, and constant improvement.

Be Awesome, Shave Well, Work on your long game. 


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