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One of the eternal questions that humanity has questioned since we started standing on two feet is... How often should I change my razor?

The answer is it depends.

The key elements to look at is how thick your hair is and how dense is your hair.

If you have really thick hair they will dull and damage the blade more quickly than if the hair is thinner. In general the longer the hair the thicker the hair will be so its recommended that you use electric clippers to trim the hair down so your blades are just cutting off the hair at the base and arent being dragged through the tip of the hair. 

The next piece of the puzzle is how dense is your hair. Do you have designer stubble or do you look like you facial hair could take a bullet? The longevity of your razors is a numbers game measured by how many hairs it is attempting to cut. 

How can you tell if you need to change your blade?

We are all beautiful and unique and your situation is different to mine but your razor should glide effortlessly over your skin. The hair should smoothly cut and not feel like its being waxed off your face. 

If the razor doesn't wash out easily with water and the space between the blades is full of gunk, hairs, dead skin then this decreases your blades ability to easily cut your hair and is a sign maybe you should switch razors.

If you can see any physical damage that diminishes the razors ability to cut. This damage could be caused by the blades hitting something hard so we always recommend using the travel guard. 

Shaving anywhere on your body should be smooth and effortless. The sharper the blade the easier and quicker it will be to look your best so that you can go out and enjoy the world. 

Shave well.


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