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Shaving is process of removal. You want to reveal that beautiful smiling face from underneath all of that solidified testosterone. Sometimes destruction is a good thing. Changing bad habits, removing obstacles in your path, or having an awesome shave. Destruction can have it's benefits. 


Destruction is easy compared to creation. It is hard to build things. Building Straightface has been way harder than I thought. I thought offering Kiwi's a better quality shave for almost half the price of the equivalent razors in the supermarket, and we deliver them straight to you on your schedule would be an easy selling proposition. I was very wrong 😱

It is hard to build good habits, it is much easier to just keep doing what you are doing than get up early to work out. Or to change your diet. To learn that language. 

Creation is hard.

It is why you see more negative things online than positive. Even the best products in the world still have people talking some shit about them, and most people that use them don't say anything. 

It is easier to break something down than build something up. 

Building people up

It doesn't take much to tell people that they did a good job, or they look good with that hair cut, shave, new shirt, their style is cool, you appreciate their friendship. 

We know it doesn't take much but it makes us feel uncomfortable so we don't tell the people we care about how great we think they are.

Having someone else feel better doesn't lower you. In fact it takes someone of respect to give a genuine compliment. 

You don't have to tear other people down, to build yourself up.


We all know when people are taking the piss, in the current parlance, gaslighting someone. 

As you would have heard your mother say - if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. This still holds true but if you can't find something good about someone then I don't think you are looking hard enough.

With compliments comes the responsibility to call people out for acting like idiots too. Again, honesty is the key, and not doing it all the time. Studies show that you should give 5 positive comments to every negative one so make sure you don't go crazy on the negative. 

Moment of Gratitude

I went to watch the new Thor movie with a buddy. He just had his second child and was very happy. He has a fancy Mercedes G Wagon, and was talking about getting his wife a new Range Rover.

He stopped and looked at me, and said sorry. I asked what for? He said, that he knows I am single and no way close to his financial situation and didn't want to appear like he was rubbing it in my face.

How sad is that, that a friend doesn't think that they can be happy about their successes in front of another friend. 

I told him immediately that I was happy for his success. He should talk to me about it since I want him to be successful. Someone else's success isn't a reflection on yours. 

I was happy that he felt he could talk to me about all the good things happening in his life. It wasn't till he stopped talking that he thought maybe it wasn't a good idea. 

Be Awesome, Shave Well, Let your friends be great in front of you. Celebrate their successes. 



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