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Hey Team,

We are how we react to things. 

I wasn't going to post about this because it sounded too self-congratulatory. I was just going to do it to do it, but then something happened that made it feel like it was something that should be said.

I happened to find out that there were doctors, nurses, and other medical people that couldn't go home due to them having someone at risk at home. They had to live at the hospital. I got in touch to see if I could donate some Starter Packs and it just worked out that they were just going through a sourcing project to make basic kits for everyone. 

They were after 100 packs, but I could only donate 50. It was nice to be able to contribute but it would have been cooler if we could have given all that they needed considering the work they were doing for us. 

The Auckland Health Foundation was kind enough to do a facebook post thanking us for our donation. As a new company, we will take any advertising we can get.

The first comment on the post was negative. It didn't reference the donation, it didn't reference the hard work of the health workers, it just said that there was another shaving option that was cheaper. 

We are how we react to things.

The commenter was not wrong that there are other cheaper options, and I was annoyed that that is what they decided to comment about. After a moment of reflection, I just felt sorry for this person, it's a shame that their world must be so dark that all they see is negativity. 

This is a very challenging time for everyone and how we respond and act affects those around us and our own world. If you need help, be brave and ask for it. Your act of bravery will allow someone else to be brave. 

If you can support people, be supportive. We gave to #loveyourhealthworker but supporting your local cafe, book shop, take out place, your local whatever helps.

We always have a choice in how we act, choose optimism, choose hope, choose love. 

We are how we react to things. 

Shave well, be awesome.


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