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One of the taxes you have to pay as a business, especially a small business with a limited marketing budget is that you have to use facebook. 

Spread Kindness

Some people don't understand how facebook works. In fairness, I don't really understand how it works either, but what I do know is that when you comment on something facebook thinks you like it. They are just after engagement. 

People will comment to me or on the ad that they want me to stop sending them ads as if we have control of where it goes. The irony is that their engagement will get more ads sent to them.

They often say mean things. 

Would they yell at the newspaper if they got a car ad that they didn't like? I doubt it, but the online function means they think they should give their feedback.

I want to respond in kind, with some of my own shit talking but for someone to respond online to someone they don't know with vitriol and hate they must have some issues going on in their life. 

If someone is so annoyed that an ad is presented to them on a free platform that they don't pay for and choose to go on, then me responding with hate will not help them. They need to empathy and kindness.

Be Kind To Yourself

Part of being kind is being kind to yourself. 

If you are feeling sad, annoyed, confused, frustrated, that is completely normal, you are a human being, so the first part is to be kind to yourself. 

I know for me, that shaving is part of the process of looking after myself. Making sure that I feel as good as possible. 

Maybe its going to the movies, or going to the gym. Having a lovely meal. Seeing some friends. If you feel comfortable, it is ok to share your frustration with some friends you know will be capable of looking after you. 

Beware sometimes looking after you is giving you advice you don't want to hear. Friends will have difficult conversations. Facilitators will indulge your worst side. Find friends, not facilitator. 

Moment of Gratitude

I try to challenge my ability to be uncomfortable. 

I saw a post online about a group of people doing ice baths on saturday morning. I happened to see one of the guys out in public and even though I am a bit shy, I went up to him and asked what the deal was. He said just turn up with ice.

So Saturday morning I turned up and got into a big tub of freezing cold water.

The people before me did 6 minutes. 

I am very competitive, I knew I had to beat them. 

My first 30 seconds was hell. I wanted to get out. I was struggling with my breathing. I was struggling to calm my mind. But after that initial shock I sat back into my groove. 

Then after the 6 minutes rolled past I thought, lets go for 10. 

Part of the issue with ice baths is the water right next to your body warms up so you have to move around to keep the cold water on you. I started to do that and started to shiver. The last 2 minutes was a big challenge as well. 

But I made the 10. I challenged myself and I will be back next week for more pain and misery and a large sense of accomplishment.

Shave well, be awesome, do something uncomfortable. 


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