Back End Madness

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I am a fan of back ends, however, the back end I have been dealing with isn't the type of back ends that I enjoy.

At Straightface, we want to make it easier for Kiwis to look good and feel good. We think it should be simple to have a great shave. We have, to some degree been failing at this. 

One of the digital services we use to make the blades keep coming to you when you want them repeatedly screwed up. Some of you would have experienced this in one way or another. So we made the big decision to change service suppliers and this had some positive outcomes and some not so great ones. 

New Subscription Page

When you log into your account, you will be greeted with a more visually pleasing and simpler page. 

Straightface subscription razors log in page

If you click on the edit button you will be presented with a new profile page that is easier to adjust and update.

A not so good change

No good deed goes unpunished and with the migration, some people's refresh cycled copied over incorrectly, so I am going through and confirming they are all correct. 

With the new system, you will be getting emails a few days before your next order so if you had recently changed your subscription for some reason, you will get notified before your blades are ordered if you want to push them out. 

It's Christmas

Since it's the holidays coming up, hopefully, this new system makes it easier for you to set when you want your blades, you can make your blades come right now and then push out your next refresh date to have enough for your summer holiday. 

Moment of Gratitude

I am about to go and spend some time with some friends watching some UFC. It is not my favourite sport, but it is spending time with people that I am looking forward to. 

The little things mean so much. I have been helping some friends move house who have two small kids. They are both so tired and it is not a big deal giving a couple of hours.

I saw a friend and I emptied their dishwasher while they had to take a work call, it was very little effort, but they were so happy to have one thing taken off their plate.

Shave well, be awesome, do those little things, it means a lot.


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